Who are we?

Pohjolan Peruna Oy manufactures Finnish potato products. Since 1962, we have been under Finnish ownership and have worked closely with our contract farmers to continuously develop the best potato varieties for our products. In the past, our products were labelled under the former corporate name: Profood Oy. Pohjolan Peruna Oy became our new corporate name and brand on 10.6.2013. We are located in the municipality of Raahe, Northern Finland, and are surrounded by the best potato fields in the country. Along the history of our businesses, there have been a continuous focus on upgrading our technology and production facilities. Our latest investment was a boiler plant facilitating steam production using local bio-energy. This investment helped us reduce remarkably our energy consumption and costs.

Our A-brands are Mummon and Mestari. Our potato products are ready-to-use, gluten-free, lactose-free, and preservative-free. We produce a UHT potato mash, a wide range of vacuum packed potato products (chilled food), fresh and frozen French fries products, potato flakes and granules, as well as potato mash powder. All of our potato products are suitable for private label, HoReCa professionals, retail customers, bakeries, food and gnocchi manufacturers.

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Our goals and values

We work for the welfare of our contract farmers and business partners by developing sustainable, responsible, and efficient production processes and create a long-term demand for our Finnish potato products in Finland and abroad. We strongly want to support and promote the agricutural businesses of our contract farmers to guarantee a continuity of their income and regional development in Northern Finland.

We are a forerunner in potato businesses and offer all of our customers and end-users Finnish potato products which are in accordance with the principles of a balanced, varied, and healthy diet. We want to help them find Easy, Fast, Safe, Convenient, and Tasty options for kitchen professionals, industries, and households.

We are open-minded, customer-focused, hard-working, and builders of potato business opportunities for our people of Northern Finland.

Our responsibility to our stakeholders

Business Partners

We are committed to pro-active co-operation with our business partners. We promote non-bureaucratic and open communication processes that guarantee a dynamic information exchange among all of us.


We are for our customers to provide them the best Finnish potato products in the market. We satisfy them and we surprise them with innovative solutions. We promote and customise new ways of seeing the benefits of potato ingredients in their food recipies.

Contract Farmers

We protect the business environment of our agricultural producers and are keen supporters of their farming activities to find together the best potato varieties which match our production processes and future market demands.

Social Capital

We are proud of our social capital and want to create a motivating environment of exchange and dialogue. We adhere to an open discussion channel to achieve our daily challenges and foresee future options of a globalised economy.


We are an active partner who promotes a responsible and sustainable business environment where regional development and welfare of our surrounding communities are priorities for us. We engage actively in issues of energy efficiency and water management with the local authorities. We want to improve our production methods to reduce waste.