Potato products for professionals by Mestari

Mestari offers a wide selection of high-quality potato products for institutional kitchens and restaurants.
Our potato products are suitable for service counters at retail shops, HoReCa, food manufacturers and bakeries.

On the Mestari website (in Finnish) you will find potato products and new ideas for developing your variety of potato dishes.
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Fresh Potato Mash

Mestari potato mash is ready for dining and serving by heating in a multi-purpose or microwave oven. The product is gluten-, lactose-. and additive-free. The potato mash is prepared through UHT heating and is packaged asceptically which guarantees a storage period of six months under refrigerator temperatures.

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Frozen potatoes

Mestari frozen potatoes are cut from fresh potatoes, blanched, and cooked in oil. When served they show a wonderful crispy and golden cover.

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Vacuum packed chilled potatoes

Mestari vacuum packed chilled potatoes offer a time and energy saving alternative to raw potato usage. The products are cooked in their vacuum packs in autoclave ovens and therefore they have extremely high hygenic standards and even quality for the most demanding professionals.

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Potato flakes and granules

Mestari potato flakes and granules are produced from high quality potatoes and are suitable for a wide variety of food and baking recipes. For potato flakes there also is an additive-free variant available.
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Fresh french fries

Mestari fresh French fries offer a crispy and delicious end product, which only requires 90 seconds preparation time in a deep frier.

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